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Welcome to Columbus, Ohio's leading Mobile Auto Electrical Service! Our skilled auto mechanics are here to assist in getting you back on the road as soon and safely as possible. From alternator repair to battery replacement to starter repair. we provide trustworthy and efficient auto electrical maintenance. When you have auto problems, Central Ohio Mobile Auto Electrical Service is standing by to provide professional assistance.

Why Choose Us

At Central Ohio Mobile Auto Electrical Service, we pride ourselves on being the trusted choice for all your automotive electrical repair needs. With a team of skilled and experienced technicians, we offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure your vehicle's electrical system is operating flawlessly. Whether it's a battery replacement, alternator repair, wiring diagnostics, or lighting system repairs, our experts possess the expertise to do the job right the first time. What sets us apart is our commitment to convenience. As a mobile service, we bring our expertise directly to you, saving you valuable time and hassle. You can rely on our professionalism, attention to detail, and use of high-quality parts to deliver exceptional results. When you choose Central Ohio Mobile Auto Electrical Service, you're choosing convenience, reliability, and the assurance that your vehicle will receive top-notch electrical repairs to keep you safely on the road.

You can count on timely and dependable service, high-caliber auto repair, reasonable costs, and superior customer service when you choose our electrical repair services. For an estimate, contact us today!

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Auto Electric Repair Services We Provide

We offer a range of mobile car servicing options to help drivers in Columbus Ohio get back on the road.

  • Battery Replacement
  • Alternator Repair/Replacement
  • Starter Motor Repair/Replacement
  • Wiring and Electrical System Diagnostics
  • Fuse Replacement
  • Lighting System Repair
  • Power Window and Door Lock Repair
  • Ignition System Repair
  • Audio System Repair
  • AC Repair

Why Hire a Mobile Mechanic

There are many advantages to hiring a mobile mechanic in Columbus versus taking your car to an auto shop. From convenience to cost savings, here are some benefits of using Central Ohio Mobile Mechanic: your Columbus mobile mechanic!


A mobile mechanic comes to your location, so you don't have to take your car anywhere. Depending on the service needed, you may even be able to avoid having the car towed if it's already at your home or place of business. Also, with a mobile service, you're never left waiting for your car to be serviced - your local mechanic is always there when you need them!

Cost Savings

Most mobile mechanics offer competitive prices for repair service compared to traditional garages and shops. Plus, because our mechanic is coming directly to you, there are no additional shop fees or travel expenses for you to come to the shop and arrange transportation home while we're working on your car.

Our Top Mobile Automotive Services

Battery Replacement

Starter Repair

Ignition Switch Repair

Lighting System Repair

Alternator Replacement

General Electrical Repair

Benefits of Choosing a Columbus Mobile Mechanic

Mobile mechanics offer several advantages over standard auto repair shops:

Convenience: Mobile mechanics come to you, eliminating the need to tow your vehicle or take time off work to visit a repair shop. You can have your car serviced at your home, workplace, or any convenient location.

Time-saving: With a mobile mechanic, you save time by avoiding dropping off and picking up your vehicle at a repair shop. Our mobile mechanics work on-site and often complete repairs or maintenance tasks more quickly than traditional shops.

Cost-effective: Our mobile mechanics generally have lower overhead costs than a typical repair shop. As a result, we can offer competitive pricing for our services. Additionally, you save on towing expenses since we come directly to you.

Personalized service: When a mobile mechanic comes to your location, you can interact directly with the technician working on your vehicle. This allows for more straightforward communication, discussing concerns, and gaining a better understanding of the repairs being performed.

Transparency: Our mechanics provide a transparent and customer-focused experience. We will show you the problem areas in your vehicle, explain the repairs needed, and offer recommendations. This transparency helps build trust with us and ensures you understand the work being done on your car.

Emergency assistance: We're often available for emergency repairs, breakdowns, or roadside assistance. We do our best to respond quickly to your location, assess the situation, and perform necessary repairs or temporary fixes to get you back on the road.

Overall, mobile mechanics offer convenience, time savings, cost-effectiveness, personalized service, and emergency assistance, making them a popular choice for many car owners.

Are You In Need of Professional Automotive Repair Services?

On-Site Diagnosis

We offer a mobile approach to diagnosing and troubleshooting vehicle issues. Our team of skilled technicians is equipped with top-of-the-line diagnostic tools and equipment, allowing us to perform comprehensive diagnostics right at your location. With our on-site mobile auto service, there's no need to tow your vehicle or take time off work to visit an auto shop. We come to you, saving you time, money, and stress. Whether you're experiencing engine trouble, electrical malfunctions, or complex computer system issues, our mechanics will conduct thorough diagnostics to find the cause of the problem and fix it. With our years of experience, we ensure accurate and efficient diagnoses, enabling us to provide you with clear recommendations and cost-effective repair solutions. With Central Ohio Mobile Auto Electrical Service's on-site automotive diagnostics service, you can trust that your vehicle will receive the highest level of expertise and attention right at your doorstep. Experience the convenience and reliability of on-site diagnostics, and let us get you back on the road with confidence.

Quality Service

When you choose our mobile auto repair services, you can expect nothing but the best. We take pride in providing professional and top-notch service for all your automotive needs. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to handle any problem your vehicle may have. Whether it's fixing an electrical issue, replacing a battery, or diagnosing engine problems, we've got you covered. Our goal is to get you back on the road safely and with peace of mind. When it comes to your car, trust our team to deliver the highest quality service that you deserve.

On-Site Auto Repair Services Columbus, OH

Central Ohio Mobile Auto Electrical Service

With our team of skilled technicians and commitment to excellence, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality auto electrical repair services. Our convenient mobile service brings expertise directly to your doorstep, saving you time and hassle. Whether it's battery replacements, alternator repairs, wiring diagnostics, or any other electrical issue, we have you covered—trust in our professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Choose Central Ohio Mobile Auto Electrical Service for reliable, efficient, and top-notch automotive electrical repairs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the convenience of our mobile service.

Service Area

We provide mobile electrical repairs in Columbus Ohio and the surrounding suburbs including:

  • Westerville
  • Dublin
  • Worthington
  • Upper Arlington
  • Gahanna
  • Whitehall
  • German Village
  • Powell
  • Hilliard
  • Grove City
  • Clintonville
  • New Albany

Even if you don't see your neighborhood listed, we still may be able to help! Give us a call and chat with us about your auto repair needs.

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